Merry christmas and welcome!

Every christmas we escape from the noisy city of Helsinki to a quiet and lovely place where we can relax. The place is our summer house or actually our leasure house in the middle of Finland.

In the christmas morning we went for a walk in the forests to look for a perfect christmas tree. This christmas we found the best tree ever. So beautiful and right size!

We brought it in and decorated it and there in a corner of our cottage it will stay until Epiphany.

After that it was time for bath in hot christmas sauna. A small wooden cottage, which you can see in a picture, hides inside a fabolous sauna, which is heated by firewood.

Then some of us had a courage to go for swimming, despite the ice cold water.

Then some decoration of christmas cookies and after that came Santa and the children where truly excited 😀


Our small sauna and an exceptional sunny weather.
Christmas tree.
Decoration of christmas cookies.
Real Santa visited us in the Christmas eve!







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