Saturday at home: Snow and ice skating


We have had in recent days a wonderful winter weather.  Last saturday was a perfect day for being outdoors and enjoying winter games like ice hockey.

Our home town Espoo was fully covered by snow. (Notice the word WAS…because on Tuesday came the rain..)



Finns love snow and beeing outdoors! Kids love skating and that is what we have doing lately very often, because we live next to ice hockey field (like many Finns, they have ice hockey fields at their backyards, almost 😉


Here are some facts about Finns according to Finnish Ice Hockey Association.
• Ice Hockey = the most popular sport in Finland & hobby for more than 195 000 Finns
• 72 176 registered players (from 5 million inhabitants)
• 430 clubs, 3 036 teams
• Approximately 40 000 games played in one season
• 2 237 referees and linesmen
• 260 rinks in 223 ice halls











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