Finland shows it gray side

Good morning!

These things or phenomenas I can see today outside:

Ice everywhere, rain, melting snow, drops of water, umbrellas, water resistant winter coats, rubber boots, rain coats, wet school children (they still have happy faces because of the ice at the school yard, who falls first?!)

This week’s color in Finland is gray…and I cannot say at the moment, that we would be living in a winter wonderland… (in South Finland, in Lapland in North there still is beautiful white and cold winter)


Sunny day last week, our back yard…
But today…
There was an ice hockey field..


I believe that this unusually mild and rainy winter weather is due to the climate change.

Finnish research scientist Mia Landauer, working in IIASA, just published some interesting but sad observations about the impacts of climate change in Finland. She says, that the cross-country skiing may be an endangered tradition in South Finland.

IIASA is an institute in Austria, but many Finnish institutes work in close cooperation with it.



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