From Helsinki to Estonia in February part I

From Helsinki to Estonia by a ferry in February.

What else there is to do in February in Finland than skiing – take a short trip to Tallinn Estonia, you can travel there year round and traveling is cheap. There is always something  to do in that city, despite the weather, with kids too.

I travelled there this time with my children, just me and three kids…because they had their skiing holiday. It was a day trip.

Tallinn Old Town

After we arrived we visited very shortly, guess why, the Old Town, then we had  a dinner in McDonald’s and then we to Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour by taxi and then back to the ferry in the evening.

Lennusadam is very nice modern sea museum near city center.  You can take a taxi to go there, if you are with kids, or walk. It has got interactive exhibitions and it is a good place visit during winter or bad weather.

It is big museum with full of things to do. Kids loved it.


We Finns travel often to Tallinn, because it is near. It is located under 100 kilometers away from Helsinki, at the other side of the Gulf of Finland.

There are other reasons too to travel there.

The prices of food, restaurants, booze, spas, beauty salongs, clothes etc. are cheaper in Estonia than in Finland. The Old Town is very nice, there are cosy restaurants and hotels. And of course, the place is more exotic than Sweden.

So called ‘booze rally’ is popular. Estonia has so low alcohol tax, that many Finns travel there to buy  a lot of alcohol. You will soon notice that, if you travel there 😉

You can buy your trip to Tallinn from these ferry companies:

Tallink, Viking Line, Eckerö Line and Linda Line.

See also my next post, the part II, a new trip and with adults.


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