The Vallisaari Island Opens to the Public

A lake in Vallisaari Island

Some of you have probably already seen in the news, that the former military island Vallisaari opens to public on May.

Click this link to find more information about this beautiful national park only 20 minutes away from Helsinki city center. Now it’s free access to everybody and you can take a public transportation, a water bus, to visit it.

The Island is located next to popular Suomenlinna Island in front of Helsinki and it will probably be very crowded this summer. Everybody wants to see the Island.

The roads in the island are newly built and very good for walking, even with push chairs. There are historical buildings and great views. It is a perfect place for a day trip, if you have  already visited Suomenlinna – the world heritage site!

I had a chance to see the Vallisaari Island last week with the Finnish media and competitors. Helsinki has arranged a competition for companies to find new innovative cleantech solutions to produce energy and to handle wastes in the Island.

Soon the Island will also have a harbour for public yachts to stay over the day. There will be 16 meters of water  in front of the harbour, promising fact for all who has got sailing boats.



What a view to Helsinki!
Suomenlinna seen from Vallisaari island




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