Hausing Fare 2016: Living in a forest!


A Housing Fare is a popular annual summer event in Finland, which shows the ongoing and future trends in housing industry – architecture, building, materials, interior design, furnishing and landscaping.

Families build actual houses to themselves and then they will be decorated for the audience to visit. When the Housing Fare closes, they will move in and start living in their new dream house.

This year the event is held at Seinäjoki, Southern Ostrobothnia, which is a city for 61 000 inhabitants. The Fare area is next to big artificial lake called Kyrkösjärvi, the number of new houses is 35.

Small houses are all modern and unique – but at this Fare area especially you can feel the nature, because it is  located inside a pine forest.


The Housing Fair opens in July, but take already a look inside!





Each House has got a sauna, of course…

And finally, meet Zaza, an drag artist at musical comedy called ‘Lainahöyhenet’,

Zaza and her friend has decorated one of the apartments.


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