Finland is full of scenic destinations

In Finland we have got so many beautiful places, scenic destinations, that even we Finns  ourselves are often amazed about them. Many of these destinations should be on world top lists.

Last week I experienced this myself when I visited Oulu, which is quite north in Finland, but not in Lappland. I saw there so many nice scenic places, where the nature is unique and specially.

The season for midnight sun was just about to start.

Right after my trip my feeling was confirmed by a documentarist, traveller Riku Rantala, who wrote a column to a news paper called Helsingin Sanomat. His message was that, we Finns have got a green treasure in front of us, but we just don’t realize it’s value. We should start developing more traveling services for travelers and start to market our green treasures.

And he  has travelled everywhere and seen everything.

These are the places I visited.

Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark

The unique nature is formed during ice age. Special: lichen (Cladina stellaris), which makes the scenery white. Kettles holes and the deepest kettle hole in Finland. Nice place for hiking.

Rokua National Park
The deepest kettle hole in Finland, formed during ice age.
If lichen are cut down, it will take 80 years them to grow back.
‘Palleroporonjäkälää’ Cladina Stellaris in latin
Sand everywhere…because of the ice age.


Hailuoto – a small flat island next to the city of Oulu and Kempele. The land rises all the time, because of the ice age. Former seabed is now woodland. Take a ferry to travel there. The best thing to do, walking in the beach.


There are also parks in the city of Oulu, for example Hupisaaret, where is a built fishway for salmons to bypass the hydro power plant of Merikoski. It’s worth visiting for all and especially for fish lovers.

Here you can watch the live show, a webcam, salmons swimming upriver form the sea.


Built fishway for salmons etc to bypass the hydro power plant.

Want to see birds and found out more about them? Visit Liminganlahti, Liminka Bay Visitor Centre.



And how to get there? Take a flight to Oulu and rent a car. All these beautiful places are located quite near Oulu.





7 thoughts on “Finland is full of scenic destinations

  1. You are so right, I have been also thinking about how many amazing places we have here and not enough time to even check them out! I would love to see Kalajoki sandbanks and the magical tree in Lohja. But when am I going to go to these places? Especially now with the boat which takes up quite a lot of my free time 😛 You found great places, I had never heard of these!

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  2. My opinion differs from Riku Rantala. , we know our green treasures around n us. I have travelled (road trips) in last seven years in Finland more than 25000 kilometers with my camera, from Hanko to Karigasniemi and everywhere from East to West, presenting to the world the beauty of Finland, its hidden treasures, hobbies, culture, history etc. My blog has visitors from 191 countries around the world and much more than half a million visitors.

    Then to Your blog. Very nice that You visited Oulu and its surroundings. We have second home in Oulu and due to this, I did find interesting your post. I just wonder how huge Giant Kettles are in Rokua. Here is my old post from Askola, where are also huge giant kettles:

    Giant’s potholes.

    Happy Midsummer!


    1. Thanks for commenting on my blog and thanks for telling me about Askola! I was told that Rokua Kettle is huge.. And in my opinion it was.. At least the one I visited. You are doing valuable work on your blog!


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