The Pihlajasaari island – another great place to visit


The Pihlajasaari island in front of Helsinki is one of the popular islands, where you can travel by a ferry in ten minutes from Kaivopuisto during summer time. There is also a docking pier for small yachts and we stayed there for the night sleeping in our sailing boat.

Google Maps gives you actually quite nice view of the whole island, or islands.

Here is also a list of all maritime attractions in Helsinki.

Old changing rooms at the Pihlajasaari island, at sandy beach.


A bridge to Eastern Pihlajasaari.
The sea in front of the island is crowded, big cruisers are passing by all the time.
There is also a public camping area with good facilities and sauna to rent.


A fully licensed cafeteria-restaurant  at Pihlajasaari.

But watch out these! Gooses with their little ones…



Sailing has been our hobby for over ten years and we have been sailing from Espoo to Turku and Åland and Sweden too. Our boat is shared with another family, who has got also three children. Usually both families will sail 2-4 weeks during summer holiday exploring the archipelago in Finland, last summer in Sweden and this summer probably in Estonia. We also do weekend trips to islands near by.


I have also been blogging in Finnish about sailing, but lately I have written more and more about environmental issues like marine protection. Here is the link to it, in case you are interested.


One thought on “The Pihlajasaari island – another great place to visit

  1. I haven’t been to Pihlajasaari for years! Looks lovely. I have a feeling our boats are docked nearby each other but at different marinas 😀


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