The Finnish Archipelago has unique style


We have had a sailing boat for over ten years and each summer we have spent two weeks from our holiday at the sea exploring the Finnish archipelago, especially Turku Archipelago and National park area and also Åland.

We have found on our boat trips so many interesting and beautiful places and  I will now try to do my best to shortly introduce some of them to you, starting at my next post.

If you don’t have got a boat, it is possible to go with many destinations by a public transportation and you can see  the time table of these ferries from here. ( I also highly recommend to do the trip with a bicycle. )

The Finnish Archipelago has unique style. The rock is exposed everywhere and it is mainly granite. You can also see small islands everywhere where you look.


Rocks and underwater rocks are also a challenge for boats and you have to be careful especially with a sailing boat, which depth is  about two meters.

The storms can’t get strong, because of many little islands and high rocks. Also waves at the sea are usually not high. The weather changes rapidly at the sea and you can sea the sun often.



Because of the rocky islands it is possible to dock also the sailing boat to nature harbours, where is no one else.


And these three has been on board every summer.







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