The Iso Kari island in Bothnian Sea

The Iso Kari lighthouse is built at 1800 Century.

This summer we visited several islands in the Turku Archipelago, Åland and Bothnian sea by a sailing boat. These all belong to Sea National Park regions.

The island Iso Kari (translated freely..The Big Rock) is located at south part of the Bothnian sea, 24 kilometers away from the coast and the city of Uusikaupunki.

Google Maps coordinates.

The heart of the island is a tall light house, which has been guiding the sailors since 1800 century. At summer time they arranges guided tours twice a day including a visit to the light house, which hight is about 50 meters.

Views form the lighthouse.


Interested in working as a volunteer lamb shepherd?


There is one specialty on this island. Every summer they need volunteer lamb shepherds for 14 weeks to take care of the lambs living on the island. Usually they take small groups and they will rent them a house. More information should be found here and also

Volunteer lamb shepherds get to rent this house.

The 912-square-kilometre park has also rich bird life. It consists almost entirely of marine areas. The ecosystem is unique and it is constantly changing due to the land uplift.

There is an inner lake, old bunkers, old cannons, trails, beautiful sun set…here are some more pictures.



This is the pier for boats. No more than about ten boats at the same time.

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