Everybody loves the Jurmo island

The Jurmo island is one of my favorite places in the Finnish Archipelago and I know that there are many other people who loves this island. For the first time I was there about 10 years ago by a sailing boat, when one of our friends got married in the island.

The wedding ceremony was held in a small romantic and old chapel, which was built year 1846. The ceremony continued in a big tent, which they had built there, on the heather area.

After that we have tried to visit the island every summer during our sailing holiday. Unfortunately we passed it this year, because my sons wanted to go straight away to Åland and Mariehamn, but next year again.

There is a small village in the island, which has bed and breakfast and also a small cafeteria.

The nature is unique and variable, rugged but beautiful…The island is quite small and flat with only about ten inhabitans.

The only way to get there is by a bout or a ferry.

Now I noticed, that it is possible to rent small houses around the year and it’s possible to travel there by a ferry also year round..it would be very interesting to see the island in the winter too.

Google Maps

More information and how to get  there

The cafeteria/port services
Round stones at the beach.
The village
Heather and rock
Harbor for small yachts


See other photographer/bloggers pics (in Finnish) about Jurmo:

(Jurmo has been inspiring so many people, professional photographers and bloggers, these are just examples)




The chapel: http://www.tottosaari.com/albumi/hame/?k=jurmo






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