A meditation center into the forest


Last week I read an interesting story about Finnish entrepreneur, who is going to set up a mediation center into the forest, near the place called Kuru. She has bought a lake and 34 hectares of forest around it.

She says, that she has always travelled around the world to find peace and to slow down, but now she found it close.

She spent one night under the stars and found it so relaxing and inspirational, that she wanted to set up her own wellbeing resort in the middle of the forest. The interior design of the 15 capins will be simple and  ascetic but luxury level.

– I started meditating 12 years ago, and I’m interested in more and more about coaching and silencing. My life has been so hectic, that I needed to take time for slow down, she says in that story.

I wish her luck and hope to hear from her soon!

This is a another interesting idea and service: A night in a tree tent at Nuuksio National Park. I have visited Nuuksio for many times but I haven’t stayed overnight there, but I could and I should do that, someday.

Bay the way, we have had lately really pleasant winter weather, but the snow came early this year and we weren’t ready for it.








One thought on “A meditation center into the forest

  1. Good luck to Jutta Gustafsberg. Meditation is one way to try to find peace of mind. One old receipt is Yoga. In our family, we hike on Arctic Hills among roaming reindeers and make walking tours in our forests. This is enough for us. Mother Nature is best for a man. Some love tree hugging and I appreciate them, because in this case it is the same meaning to find peace of mind.

    Have a nice day!

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