Winter activities in Finland: Skiing at the lake


The more North you travel in Finland,  the more certain you can be, that you will experience the winter wonderland. We spent this year our skiing holiday (again) in our cottage in Jyväskylä area, which is not that North, but the weather still excellent for skiing. It was even better than we expected.

We saw the sun every day and the temperature was ideal, just below zero…maximum -10 degrees of Celsius – just perfect. And the snow – everywhere around us.

The most memorable event (for me) this year was the cross country skiing at the frozen lake at sunny day. The lake is completely flat, so the skiing is easy. Usually you have to make your own ski trails, but kids love it. This year we skied around the lake, (or at least I did it with one of my sons.)


Skiing can sometimes be hard…she has’n shoot him even tough it may look like it 😀


And of course skiing was not the only activity during the holiday…

Acitivity number 2: Removal of the snow
Acitivity number 3: ice lantern
For ice lantern you need water, a pile and temperatures below zero.
Acitvity number 4. Making a snow man (this time Moomin)
Acitvity number 5: sleds
Acitivity number 6-8: down hill skiing

This year  we visited all three skiing centers near by. Himos, Häkärinteet and Laajis.

And the last one: swimming! Aalto Alvari is the best swimming hall for families in Jyväskylä, it is like a spa, but not expensive, because it is public.

Have a nice day! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Winter activities in Finland: Skiing at the lake

  1. I like your very nice and typical little story of the Finnish winter activities, playing in the snow, cross-country skiing and making snowmen. In Syöte area and in Oulu area there has been such a snowy and beautiful winter that I do not want to let it go. I am a winter lover! Well summer is coming with its joys and Northern nights with the Sun that will not go down at night at all. Little birds told that you might come to Oulu to examine that! Welcome!


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