Top climate research in a forest


What else can you find in Finnish forests than lingonberries, blueberries or bears ..well, for example a top climate research center. Can you see it?

Hyytiälä Forestry Field station

Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station at Pirkanmaa is located in the middle of the green, dense Finnish forests. Top Finnish climate researchers come to this place every now and then to do some measurements. (Google Maps.)

Nice place to do some work – and relax…

The station belongs to the Department of Forest Sciences at the  University of Helsinki and the research at this place started over a hundred years ago.

The station will also arrange each year a field training courses and summer schools for hundreds of researchers and students. There are also winter schools!

Students live in the middle of the forest in old houses, in idyllic scenery, and swim, take sauna baths, eat well and have fun while studying.

All the research and training programs at the station are associated with climate change. SMEAR II monitoring stations have done significant findings, for example on how the forest produces aerosol particles and how air pollution affects climate change.

Some important measurement units are inside this small cabin.



World’s top climate research scientist, professor Markku Kulmala, Helsinki University, and his work.

Map of this place and more information about the area and old buildings there.

At the moment in Finland the days are getting longer and longer, finally, after long dark period. Spring is not here yet, but we are rapidly heading towards it.



(Actually this photo was taken at new year’s eve at our cottage..but we have now a similar weather, except a little bit more sunshine)


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